q train

First Son is currently obsessed with trains — old-fashioned locomotives to subways. He’s watched a lot of the Q train this week, in preparation for a holiday party we attended on Saturday. When we finally go to the platform, I felt like a fulfilled an item on his bucket list, he was so psyched. When the Q train finally arrived, he yelled “There’s the Q train!” I fist-pumped. People stared, it was glorious.

Later, when we got to Xmas party, First Son and a girl his age stuck their hands in the ice bucket then offered their hands to everyone, laughing hysterically. They were making a joke, trying to trick everyone into feeling their ice-cold hands. That was also awesome to witness, seconded only by the toddler-to-toddler hug, which is so intense that both toddlers fall down to the ground.

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