I recently rented Melancholia by Lars Von Trier from the library, and it was wonderful, a terrific argument for the validity of film as a medium. I guess I’m so into TV series now, I forget about movies, but this came up with a series of sumptuous, strange images that deserve a large screen and combined it with Beethoven’s Ninth. Really neat story and creative ending. The lead character is severely depressed, but I found the whole experience of watching this as very uplifting. Yay, art! One point!

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  1. ha ha, well, i didn’t get in a funk so much when i watched this one. just admired the acting and the story….and the sound and cinematography, etc. etc. etc.

  2. you know what it is? it was that his imagination run wild and just went with that story. i don’t feel like i see that in films much. i loved “chuck and buck” for the same reason — it is so out there, i just freaking love it

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