unabashed mother-of-little-ones post

I have heard people exclaim hallelujah when their children no longer needed diapers, they hated that part of babyhood so much. I honestly have never had an issue with it. But you know what I’m really over? Baby pooping up the back, baby pooping the changing table, baby pooping through their clothes, baby pooping on your clothes. That part is not really so awesome. With three kids in diapers, it sometimes feels like I change a thousand diapers on the weekends. Bonus: I smell it so much that the odor of poop has lodged itself in my nose. I always smell poop. Even if I’m outside my home, at work, or whatever, I like smell it. Sometimes, Husband is like “Wife, where is your wedding ring? Hello?” And I’m like “Husband, I don’t wear my wedding ring with diaper changes, because it’s a Thomas English muffin, you feel me? Lots of nooks and crannies.”

Thank you.

Thank goodness these little poop machines are cute.

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