Dude, I was reading flying tips from GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle web site, and there are tips about how to use the stopover (shower, stretch), not to eat too many carbs/protein since you’re sitting the whole time, that I realized this approach could help me cope with a day at the office when I’ve had no sleep! My hours in the office = flight time to Europe. My lunch hour can be my stopover, and I do sit all day, but cutting carbs seems extreme…

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  1. Man, if I went through life the way I operate when I fly, it would be: McD’s for my stopover lunch; drink cranberry and/or tomato juice (I NEVER drink cranberry or tomato juice in my regular life, but I pretend that is my natural preference when offered beverages); and every day would begin with buying 2-3 magazines).

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