This will be a mildly rude worded post so sorry in advance. I saw someone post this inspirational video on fb – it was of an overweight Gulf War vet whose knees and hips were shot from parachuting from helicopters all the time. He was told he’d never walk unassisted again and gained 200 pounds, totally depressed. The dude did yoga for like a year, lost weight, and can freaking sprint. It’s an amazing story, and whenever I feel too tired to work out, I yell at myself “Goddamn it! If Fat Jerry can do it, I can do it!” Husband just looks at me and says “Wife, that’s not actually his name. Look at the video again.” (Kill joy.) I think I’ve already stated this previously but one thing about raising three kids like all at the same time is that I have reached Empty many times and have had to learn to dig deep within myself to keep chugging away, because I cannot believe how tired I am capable of being while not dying. But it’s a useful skill, being able to find a will and energy somewhere in your reserves to keep going. (In my case, I’m learning I should stop digging so deep. Like I motivate to run when I can barely keep my eyes open, then bounce back from exercise energy and second wind, and then I can’t sleep and worry about money till like 2 in the morning. Yeah!) Anyway, here is the movie.

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