I just rented this wonderful film, Beginners, from the library this week. Written and directed by Mike Mills, the dude who did Thumbsucker, it’s a father-son story where the father comes out of the closet at age 70 and dies of cancer five years later. Christopher Plummer plays the father and he is completely charming and joyful. In fact the entire cast was unilaterally quite good, including Ewan MacGregot and Melanie Laurent (the wild “Shoshanna” from Inglorious Bastards). Even the dog, a jack russell terrier who has a significant role in the film, performed well. There was something about the dog that really reminded me of my son. I don’t know if that’s bad, but it’s true.

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  1. i know! it made me wonder if they influenced each other with having an animal in their film, b/c she has a cat in ” the future ” — but that cat bugged the crap out of me.

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