Spa Castle

What on earth is Spa Castle? I mean, I can google it as well as the next person – it’s a multilevel spa/bar/food court in Queens, and it’s open like 9 a.m. till midnight, so you could technically spend the entire day there. They have like saunas, massage services, and lots of pools that seem to be kind of warm. On one hand, it’s so wildly different from my everyday life, that I’m curious to go. On the other hand, drinking and eating, while getting massaged or right after/during sitting in a hot pool sounds horrible to me. And hey, it’s owned by Koreans! Yeah, that didn’t sell me either. But to be non-sequitor girl, you know what pang for Korean stuff I had recently? Korean blankets. Nothing is better than those mega-dense, cotton blankets. I think my folks got rid of their lifetime accumulation of blankets when we downgraded them from house to an apartment, which makes me sad, because I just love them. When I tried to see if I could buy one online, this is what came up.

This is not what I had in mind.

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  1. Holy moly, that golden retriever blanket is EPIC! I think we had a similar style blanket but with horses on it. That style blanket was also very very cool. Very warm and heavy.

    Spa Castle was the setting for the latest episode of Bored to Death on HBO. There were a LOT of naked Asians in the background. Thought that was kinda effed up.

  2. Oh no, really? I thought they couldn’t get any naked asians and so they started asking for those with swimsuits. They asked if I would be naked and I was like “um, no, on so many levels.” I had just given birth for one!

    As for blanket craving, I think I totally got it from seeing the pink blanket we used for a changing table at your brunch!

  3. Oh, were you called into audition for this bored to death episode? There were def a few naked Asians, in particular one nude guy in the background and one topless young asian who was featured front and center (poor, brave girl).

    My grandmother swung by my apartment on Sunday and tricked out my bed with a new Korean bedspread and pillows. Looking very oriental.

  4. oh yeah, that was an audition where i got called back for the part who says “no” really meanly. got called back but it was filming during vacation, so what the heck, i was like whatever. it was fun to be mean, and yeah, no nudity!!! what the hell for! but the series is written by jonathan ames and he has some funky sexual issues. i don’t think he’s particularly into naked asians per se, more like transgender stuff.

  5. I love the turns this comment thread has taken — from Spa Castle to Jonathan Ames’s sexuality. Awesome.

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