total recall

I was recently home and caught Total Recall on cable. I think the last time I saw this picture was in high school, and am happy to say, it’s just as entertaining as ever. It’s a sci-fi story of a man bored with his life and signs up for an avatar-second-life type of recreation and finds out that he’s really a dormant super secret agent working for the rebels. One of the climatic scenes takes place in a sleazy bar with midget strippers (or maybe dwarf strippers? I think dwarves are the ones with regular adult-size heads and miniature bodies — I know because I saw about 30 of them in one weekend because they were hosting a conference in my neighborhood last spring.) Once in a while, Husband and I will call out to each other, “Give duh peo-pull deir air!” and think warmly of this Arnold movie.

I don’t quite understand how Arnold Schwartzenegger became a Hollywood leading man, although I am crazy about his accent. Now look at the guy — governor. Who knew. (Though we wished if this was the direction he wanted to go, he should have picked an easier state to govern. Everyone seems to think being a state governor is a piece of cake. It ain’t.)

P.S. If I’ve already written about this flick, I’m sorry. It means my memories have begun to recycle and that I am a…robot.

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