There are certain thins to me that make you look like an adult, one of them being purses. If you are a professional, working woman, you really need to have a good bag. It helps you look pulled together, and here’s where I fall short.

I have been carrying around the same ratty, mysteriously stained backpack for years. “Why don’t you get a new backpack?” You might ask, or “Why don’t you wash your backpack?” Although it’s feels weird to show up to a business meeting with it (I showed up to a meeting at the Pierre with sneakers and my backpack and felt like a cross between Dora the Explorer and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as the humiliated hooker in a Rodeo Drive store), there is no other bag large enough to haul all my loot that won’t cripple my back. (And disclosure: I do have some kind of teeny purse, because after my wallet was lifted from the said backpack, I decided I’d use something a step above the fanny pack). So while my colleagues may not have been thrilled with my attire, I don’t know what to tell you.

Maybe people would respect me more if I carried this around as my purse:

It’s called “meat purse.” Hey, at least I comb my hair now.

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