Baby Milestones

The other day, my friend Nancy asked if Baby had passed any interesting milestones lately, I didn’t have anything good to say. I mean, he burps and drools and grabs things. He looks like an earnest physical therapy patient. I told Husband my feelings of inadequacy over Baby’s achievement, and he said “Well, last week, he did write a scathing review of The Stranger.

I couldn’t stop laughing because that joke was custom-made for me.

And today, just today, Baby did hit another milestone — apparently, he rolled over today in day care! (I’ll believe it when I see it…but I guess that would mean making room at home for an actual crib instead of just a bassinet. Um…)

4 Replies to “Baby Milestones”

  1. Well played, Sachsy. NNK, if you can’t sing a medley of Erasure songs on demand, your Asian card may have to be revoked.

  2. nnk, you can still be an asian in my book. tony is very strict. “killing an arab” by the cure was inspired by “the stranger.” the song is now comes with like a sticker that warns about the band not condoning the killing of arabs, or at least, i remember seeing something like that.

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