Calling all NASA experts

So having this wonderful baby (because truly, he does rule) has given me ample opportunity to examine how I deal with stress. Seems that the answer is not so well. In part, I seem to snap more easily, possibly because of sleep deprivation, hormonal sea changes, and the fact that I feel like I’m overseeing a NASA shuttle launch every freaking day. The piles of housework literally feel like piles weighing on my mind. Oh boy. So here are the techniques I’m using. Feel free to post what you do to cope and I will try it. Stress is no fun.

1) Listening to cousin Ed’s snow day mix
2) Not calling my mother (love her, but she’s actually talented at winding me up)
3) Making sure I’m breathing
4) Taking a walk
5) Letting my subpar standards go even lower, like subterranean low
6) Reading
7) Thinking about what Mia Michaels would do (So You Think You Can Dance judge who thanks everyone for sharing their gift.)
8) Saying “Ay Caramba.”
9) Sighing
10) Snacking
11) Blogging (for reals)
Thank you.

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  1. Foot rubs given by husband (they tend to last longer if he’s watching sports). Buying fresh vegetables at the farmers’ market and ordering out anyway. Reading other peoples’ blogs.

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