4 Replies to “Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price”

  1. Not all that bad. Would you have rather been on your own during the contractions? I think support is support no matter where it comes from!

  2. I think, though, mindfulness and being present in the moment are super-important, rather than staring at some screen. The technology is great for having access to information and assistance ready at your fingertips, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind trading all of that, so that 2 people can get together and be fully engaged with each other as opposed to drifting attention towards blackberries and iphones and other gadgets.

  3. i guess i get both things out of my tech toys. no one i know is as bad as the family in the article, though d and i often just sit side by side with our computers not talking.

    technology does connect me to people, the ones i want to be connected to and the ones i don’t. here’s my mistake with texting during labor — i reached out to people when it wasn’t so bad but once the contractions started getting major, that’s when everyone started writing back. totally stupid.

    you can be mindful and have technology, but i find i have to be aware of it otherwise my brain totally splinters. the same goes for multitasking in general — apparently it’s not so great that i can do it. WHATEVER

  4. interesting development….

    mr sachsy and i have been fielding requests for visitors. given la bebe’s lack of immunity and my post partum, we’ve been holding off, but one of our friends suggested a video chat to meet the little one.

    now that was an interesting idea. people can keep in touch without the pressure of entertaining with a newborn.

    dunno — just throwing it out there.

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