Yesterday, Mom saw the Baby and was like “You’re feeding him too much! He looks like a sumo wrestler!” which I was mildly insulted by and told her what-for, e.g. “Leave him alone, he’s a baby.” But oh my god, when I got home last night, I somehow figured out that I’ve been giving the baby DOUBLE the formula the directions advise. Blame sleep deprivation, blame my lack of connection with numbers, but I don’t know how long I’ve been serving the Baby DOUBLE the recommended calories. Now I’ve made my Baby crusty and chubby. Fab!

Don’t worry, there’s always Baby Cardio and Baby Ups he can do to lose those extra pounds. (Neither pic attached is a pic of my baby, by the way.)

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  1. Babies are supposed to get bigger! Quickly!! My nephew is already like almost 20 pounds at 3/3.5 months. He’s chub but not obese!

  2. Whatever happened to “they’ll stop eating when they’re full”? Is that even true? Also, way to give him body image issues, grandma!

  3. i have a feeling we’re overfeeding him, b/c he eats like every two hours…um, sometimes on the hour. i hope they don’t not eat when they don’t want it, but we just throw food at him whenever he cries and i kind of don’t think that’s always the issue. right now, if he’s not in a baby carrier, he cries. i feel like he’s going through puberty right now. i’ve read you can’t spoil a baby before four months, so i’m just strapping him in the moby wrap and do my day.

  4. and gab, my mom is obsessed with body issues! she keeps talking about my figure. she’s like “are you eating salad?” and i’m like dude, do you know how much effort it takes to prepare a salad and then eat it? takes two hands and more than the fly-by seconds i have to myself

  5. If it helps, my brother’s baby wants to eat like every hour. He’s HUGE compared to the Sasquatch. But his ped says that he’s healthy.

  6. I know what you mean about puberty. When R had baby acne and was yelling at me all the time (colic), I felt like it was a foreshadowing of the teenaged years!
    Just do whatever gets you through the night. Or day.

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