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I borrowed one of those white noise machines from Pottery Barn Kids from my friend Sonya. It’s awesome–has features like rain, surf, whale noises, which we use ALL THE TIME to try and convince Sasquatch to sleep. Sonya warned the machine was a bit wonky, but I only started noticing it recently. The calming sound of surf is now disrupted by these high-pitched, otherworldly bleeps. That can’t be good for the baby, right? Is it like a transmission from Zod? Ay caramba. I guess I’ll have to abandon my frugal ways and get a new one.

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  1. Does it actually help him sleep? I once got a “sounds of the surf” tape, and SOMEONE around here was very annoyed that it was a 30-second loop. I never would have noticed. Never.
    My mom sent me an article once that babies who get out for a stroller walk during the day sleep better at night. Something to do with daylight exposure and circadian rhythms. Ah, here it is!

    It would be cool if the baby could communicate with aliens, though.

  2. okay, now that i can carry the baby, i’m taking him outside, but he’s also asleep the entire time i bring him outside. let’s hope the circadian rhythm think works!!

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