little girl worship

aztec529.345 zod What I noticed on my last trip to KY is the phenomenon of little girl worship. Seriously, I think little girls like women their mom’s age, just because it’s a different version of their mom. I don’t feel a special kinship with all kids — they’re like any other group of people, some you get along with like a house on fire, and others, meh. But if I’m indifferent, it seems to be the trick to capture the affection of the little girls in Husband’s family.

The girls who took a shine to me would just stare at me as soon as I woke up, hold my hand, and offer me little toy gifts and homemade jewelry. Totally felt like some random Aztec god receiving sacrifices at my altar.

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  1. So why the picture of Zod? Do you see yourself as a vengeful villian with the goal of conquering the Earth and its yellow sun?

  2. don’t people kneel down and worship zod? i don’t actually know anything about him. he just seems like without mercy and i’m like that with the kids, ha ha

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