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glee Glee-263-large If you’ve been watching Glee, (and if you haven’t, really recommend it, even you, emo), you’ll notice the show is pretty great in general, but in my opinion, there’s something remarkable about Jane Lynch in her part as the antagonist Sue something-or-other, arch enemy of the handsome Glee Club teacher. She’s an amazing match for this role. Every time she sneers out her lines, she hits it out of the park. There’s some upcoming episode where she leans in close to the goody-two-shoes Glee Club teacher and threatens “I’m about to throw up all over your back” — and I have no idea how they did that without laughing.

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  1. JANE LYNCH! YES! I loved the latest episode where she pores out her feelings to her Journal. It’s brilliant, and only Jane Lynch can pull that off. Or pull off any of the lines she’s been given. (and on the flip side, she was adorable in Julie & Julia.) Do you just have that kind of unique and powerful kind of character? or can this be cultivated? Jane Lynch for President!

  2. she is just so solid and confident. i love it. yeah, the journal scene when she’s like “here, i am, about to turn 30” is so cute. did you see her in “40 year old virgin”? she played steve carrell’s boss who offers to teach him the ways of the booty. she was SO sketchy. i think she’s got an improv background. i remember her as very cheerful in the bits i’ve seen in “a mighty wind.”

  3. She’s a great example of how some people are born for one purpose in life. This is it and she’s stunning. Kudos to her and her brilliant agent!

  4. i think she’s a damn good actor, but in terms of purpose in life, check out dave arnold. google him and be prepared to be in awe. that guy is crazy creative and talented

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