aging…at least in hollywood

dayearthstoodstillpremiereredcarpet42am9tlktwwl hamm_0_0_0x0_449x626 When actors near 40, even the ones who seem forever-young-looking, start to wrinkle and aging catches up. For the guys, like Patrick Dempsey, George Clooney, Bill Moyer — it looks good, like aging relaxes their face, but for actresses? I feel like their faces are about to shatter. Like see the pics of Jon Hamm (lead of Mad Men) and Jennifer Westfeldlt, whom I love. She’s not as famous as her boyfriend right now, but she’s no schlub (wrote, produced, and starred in Kissing Jessica Stein; about to guest on 24 in what’s sure to be a heart-palpitating, barf-inducing role), so what is going on with her face? There’s not one wrinkle and it looks so tight. Is this the result of surgery or botox? Her boyfriend looks so happy and relaxed with his deep lines and she looks pursed. This makes me sad.

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  1. I aspire to age like Helen Mirren. She doesn’t try to be what she is not. And she can still rock a bikini.

  2. yeah, i like the comfort level, and please, helen mirren is a senior but she’s hot. i’ve never looked as good as she does in a bikini and she’s like 60. that’s so wrong

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