oprah, no babies

madonna-david-bandaangelina_jolie-kidsoprah-winfrey I find it interesting that Oprah has never had kids or adopted. She’s like a bit humanitarian, so you’d think third-world kids would be part of the deal, like her superstar peers Angeline Jolie and Madonna, but I guess not. Maybe she doesn’t feel maternal? Maybe she feels content to give money, work hard, and hang out with Gayle? I’m just curious.

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  1. Something about the Madonna adoptions seem so forced. For some reason Brangelina comes off as sincere. Why is that?

  2. this does seem like an nnk thought but haven’t discussed with her.

    madonna– everything baout her seems forced, but angelina is not necessarily is supposed to be that nice neither is brad, but when she wears a scarf over the head, i dunno, she seems so humble. maybe it’s the head scarf

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