shrimp chips

images1 images21 Maybe it was just the ’70s, but every time we visited one of my folks’ friends homes, they have a big bowl (usually like a ginormous crystal one) filled with colorful shrimp chips. I remember one home had the crystal bowl on a stem, placed in a central area of the master bedroom. Other homes had them in dining rooms, and in each of these homes, I couldn’t help but eat the shrimp chips.

They weren’t necessarily my favorite…and sometimes, they were a tad dusty, but I think I was too delighted with the idea of food as decor to mind either of those factors. Plus, the colors were pretty. I didn’t eat the whole thing, but yeah, maybe a noticeable chunk would be missing by the end of the visit and no one would know why b/c I was a surreptitious five-year-old. If I were a guest at your house, I could also be counted on to look through your fridge and all of the drawers in your rooms. Sorry.

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