Subway Karma

images8 Although I’m obsessed with chivalry in the subway system, I don’t think it’s good subway karma when people give up their seats for me because they think I’m pregnant.

I get that I’m chubby, but the last time this happened, it was winter. I had a long coat that completely camouflaged my body from head to shoulder, and yet still, a caring woman leapt up to my rescue and said. “Are you pregnant? Please have my seat.”

I smiled at her, as I usually do, and said. “No, I’m not. I’m just fat, but I am very tired. But since I’m not pregnant, you can keep your seat. I would understand.”

But at that point, she has to give me her seat because she made such a big deal about it to that part of the car. The best part was we both got off at the same station to transfer to the same train. She avoided me as best as she could.

I don’t think this will earn her any subway karma.

3 Replies to “Subway Karma”

  1. I am so terrified of mentioning anyone’s belly that I once ran into an 8 month pregnant friend in the library and didn’t say anything about it. Later I felt like a heel.
    Also, I don’t think you look pregnant, or even large. You New Yorkers have impossible standards!
    I’m feeling so commenty today.

  2. oh i love the commenty Gabe. i know, i’m paranoid of recognizing anyone’s belly as possibly pregnant b/c i’ve caused so many people to be horrified with my mind boggling physique

  3. Wouldn’t it be ironically delicious if you do get pregnant and don’t show at all? You’ll have to yell at people to let you sit down on the subway because you’re With Child, and nobody will believe you. “Pull the other one, why don’tcha,” they’ll say. “Pregnant. Look at how svelte she is! Keep standin’, toots.”

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