Love Boat

love-boat love-boat-dolls When I was a kid, I faithfully watched “Love Boat” (right before “Fantasy Island”). Never missed an episode. My uncle, who was studying economics at Harvard at the time, became extremely concerned. He told my mother that we should be very careful that I not get unduly influenced about notions of romance based on television. In fact, though he was in grad school for economics, he had written a paper for one of his classes on it. I actually got to hold that paper and read the title.

I can’t remember what the title was exactly now — it was mega-long and I was only seven, so I’m sure I didn’t quite understand what I was reading. Something like “Media and Society’s Influence on the Construct of Romantic Philosophies” or something. (Is this not sad? I’m really trying to insert some $5 words into that fake title and couldn’t muster it up. Quixotic. There.)

He didn’t really need to worry.The only reason why I watched was because I though Doc’s jokes were funny.

I didn’t really get what a “night cap” was, which is what was always offered before a woman invited a man to her cabin. (Um, I still don’t. Isn’t it just a drink? It’s not a euphemism for booty, is it?) And I do still remember this episode where “Bobbi,” played by a woman, used to be a male college roommate of Gopher’s, and seemed sincere in insisting that things never quite felt right to the flabbergasted Gopher, till he got the change.

All of that went way over my head.

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  1. I remember feeling anxious on a trip back from the beach that we wouldn’t make it home for Love Boat. It just wasn’t a Saturday without Love Boat & Fantasy Island. Also, it’s relief to hear that it went over your head. I worry that my 5-year-old is hearing inappropriate things in songs on the radio, but if I change it, he wants to know what was wrong with it and why it’s inappropriate. So, it’s often less damaging to his innocence to just listen through. I think.

  2. i’m glad you watched the double whammy saturday night line up. there are certain episodes of “Fantasy Island” that still give me the willies, that I still remember vividly. did you see the one where jan brady wishes she could see her daughter b/c she’s going to die in labor? she like sees her daughter at every age till she’s like a 20 year old prostitute and then jan brady has to intervene and goes under cover as a hooker. i still remember her calling her widower who wigs at the sound of her voice. i remember almost every single moment of that episode (clearly), so who knows what your boy hears or remembers, but i don’t think it formed any opinions. just part of my memories

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