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  1. I was once on a 90 minute flight seated next to a baby who had pooped his diaper just before takeoff. As soon as we got to cruising altitude, a stewardess who obviously smelled the situation told the parents they could get up to change the kid. “No thanks,” they said. “It’s a short flight. We’ll change him when we land.” I must have been literally struck speechless, because if I hadn’t been I would have screamed, “Thanks a LOT, you’re lazy so I have to smell your kid’s crap for the next hour and a half?!?!?!”

    Babies should go in the cargo hold, dammit.

  2. oh, that’s rude. i feel bad complaining about babies b/c i have friends who have to bring babies on planes, but there was particular child on our flight back to the U.S. who was insane, like he was shot up with sugar and kept racing around the airport when we landed, constant screaming, the whole bit. everyone was staring at him. i have come to hate flying — or that part when you’re ready to disembark, but you have to wait, in dire need of fresh oxygen, a shower, and ear plugs.

  3. These parents should be sent to cargo instead! Atrocious behaviour from the parents manifesting in their spawn. Boo.

  4. uh oh. okay, to the two mom friends, we’re not talking about you. your babies are perfect as are you. (is that good?)

  5. I’ve grown to hate flying too. It’s like paying hundreds of dollars to ride the subway. What I hate worse than babies on a plane is dogs. Not the seeing eye kind but the yappy kind in purses under the seat. You have to bring your kid with you or else the state gets involved. How badly does your Maltese need to visit your in-laws?

    Disclaimer: haven’t taken baby daughter on plane yet. Terrified she’ll cry.

  6. i think i hate flying too. there’s not enough room, the air gets stale. i feel totally trapped like i’m on a greyhound bus. the worst part is when you land and you have to wait for them to open the friggin doors.

    i doubt your baby girl would like planes.

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