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black-celebration Because our rental car in Costa Rica only had a CD player and I’m one of the last people who still listen to CDs, Husband was subjected to my music for a week. Here’s what I brought:

Black Celebration by Depeche Mode
Louder Than Bombs by The Smiths
Sam’s Town by The Killers
The Best of The Jesus and Mary Chain
Some random, German, New Age album

Of the collection, he preferred Depeche Mode the most, and we listened to Black Celebration over and over again. Initially, it was good. Like he perked up and commented “That Martin Gore sings well,” setting me up to say with a lot of attitude, “Oh honey, that’s not Martin Gore, it’s David Gahan.” We played it till the point where he was reduced to “Please, I can’t. I can’t bear to one more minute of Depeche Mode. Play something else, anything else.”

That’s when German New Age album got a whirl.

5 Replies to “costa rica soundtrack”

  1. You wouldn’t happen to be Asian, would you? (says the Jew who loves Bob Dylan)

    And why did you have a random German new age CD in Costa Rica?

  2. i have the random german new age music b/c of radio paradise. they play certain tracks pretty insistently, so i love the one song, but the rest of the album bites.

    go ahead, keep putting in my box. do all asians love new wave/punk? no, b/c some asians have bad taste. this music reminds of high school, where my friends were all white except for one guy. my friends obviously have spectacular taste.

  3. I thought it’s in the contract that all Asians have to love Erasure, Depeche Mode and New Order. And possibly Pet Shop Boys too.

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