i love you, man

images9 If I go to a funny movie, I usually elbow the hell out of who’s with me. My friend Becca thinks it’s to make sure whomever I’m with doesn’t miss the joke. Up until yesterday when I saw “I Love You, Man,” I think Nancy had the worst with-Tina movie experience. When I saw “The Host,” which is both funny and scary, I think I like gripped her forearm to death and I definitely slapped myself in my face at least once. (It had very scary parts.) “I Love You, Man” was hilarious. Went with Husband and whenever there was a part that made me laugh hard or uncomfortable, I would push his head off his neck. (Or I guess, more like away from his neck. Nothing fell off.) Luckily, he didn’t get mad.

The New York Times didn’t seem to think much of “I Love You, Man.” But then sometimes, I think critics should really try to write or take an acting class so they can really understand who’s good or not. They rated Paul Rudd as having a limited range, and I don’t think they get it. He has a lot of bits where he’s trying to fit in with other guys by giving them nicknames, which is painful and believable. Andy Sandberg, who plays his brother, is not really anything noteworthy. So go ahead and say Andy Sandberg is limited as an actor, because it’s true, but Paul Rudd? Dude, try again.

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  1. Watching The Host with you is one of my favorite movie-going experiences! The movie was absolutely great, but more for the experience of going with you-it was the most physical experience I have had sitting in a movie theatre.

  2. me too! i think it’s usually not that bad. the first time i saw a jackie chan movie, i kind of freaked out but i really embarrassed my boyfriend and his freind at the time b/c they weren’t accustomed to such spazziness.

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