depeche mode

music-for-the-masses Man, I know it’s semi-sad, but I checked “Music for the Masses” from the library, and I love it! I love Depeche Mode! Unabashed love expressed here, thank you.

Tangentially, my husband told me that Yes was the first of the alternative bands, because they did funky times in their music — but I was like huh? I thought alternative music was all like from Manchester England and had Morrissey in it.

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  1. Um, why do you, an Asian in good standing between the ages of 30 and 40, not own this particular Depeche Mode album? I thought it was part of the whole being-Asian thing. Although I think it’s totally cool and retro that you borrow CDs from the library instead of illegally downloading them.

  2. I have it on vinyl! and really, it’s nice to visit collections from the library. i can’t really listen to this records more than a certain amount of time, b/c i listened to them SO MUCH growing up

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