technology and the middle east

images7 229546961_23b303e42f Ugh, these are two topics I’d rather ignore and have no interest in…but eventually, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll be left behind.

In terms of technology, I still listen to a cassette and CD walkman. I still read books from the library (which offers books as mp3 files now, not that I’ve ever taken them up on that offer…). I’m barely on Facebook and Twitter makes me bonkers, but you know, if you have to at least be aware of these things, especially if you do marketing/communications for living, because people live a lot of their life online more and more. I mean, do you know about avatars and second life? Do you have an avatar??? Ay caramba, I barely get through section A on the Times.

As for the Middle East, my brain shuts down every time I read words about Muslim, Shite, Sunni, etc., but slowly, I’m getting a clue. You have to. Bill Clinton said the economy will get back on its feet, but the big long-term goal for Obama will be to deal with terrorism from abroad. Fab.

And so, although I’d much prefer keep my head stuck in the sand, I don’t think that’s such a smart life strategy.

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