this is why i’ll never go republican

images23 images6 Okay, you saw last week how Republicans united and voted against Obama’s stimulus package, correct? You’ve seen how Sarah Palin, after losing, went back to a Republic Party conference and announced how we all have to work hard to make the Republican Party strong again. Um, dudes? Have you not observed the economy spontaneously combusting all over the world? Don’t you think if there’s no other time in our history, it’s time now to put differences aside and make it work? I mean, F* your party, how about making the COUNTRY strong again? Because it’s not just that poverty is a deplorable human condition — if that doesn’t tug at your heart strings, why not consider the fact that poverty makes it a lot easier for terrorist groups to recruit new member? A-doy?

This self-absorbed, childish reaction is really, clearly, irritates me. Yeah, the President is young and a Dem. Yeah, his thwarted Cabinet members are pathetic b/c they fouled their potential to get things done by not paying taxes (which, give me a break, is like when tennis people lose games when they serve the ball into the net). But still, how about the UNITED States of America? Can you just try for like ten minutes to get over yourselves and work together? Because really, that is your job. If everyone could just do their job, we would be better off.

Thank you.

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  1. I like how you called it the “Republic” Party. I do that too.

    It’s such a bizarre thing to try to mobilize grassroots support so that taxes on rich people don’t go up. I totally don’t get it. At the very, very least they could try to explain why taxing the crap out of the poor and middle class instead would be better for the economy.

  2. oh, that was a type-o, not a deliberate, intelligent choice like you probably are making.

    is that what they’re doing? i am hoping they wil all get together and look at the scary unemployment trends

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