In my first job after college, I wasn’t above taking things from Lost and Found. (Who am I kidding, I still totally do it.) Anyway, at the first job, there was this beautiful black-yarn, Donna Karan, expensive beret in my office Lost and Found, and since it went unclaimed for weeks, I decided to add it to my wardrobe. I wore it every day for two weeks — loved every minute of it. Felt like a million bucks and it was the most stylish piece of clothing I ever owned. Everyone in the office, and I mean everyone, saw me in it and passed on compliments. At the end of those two weeks, I found out the hat was owned by the CEO’s wife. I still remember coming in one morning to my cubicle where she was waiting for me one morning. She said (very nicely I have to say) “I believe you have my hat.”

Dude, did I want to melt into the floor or what? That was SO embarrassing.

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  1. Hahahaha. That. Is. The. Best. Story. Ever!!! But the pain! the pain of embarrassment!! I can’t even really imagine it. Though did you visit with the office Lost & Found frequently to scope out the wares?

  2. i only check out lost and found if there’s something good in there. that’s the only memory i have from that office l &f. 🙁

  3. I felt so uncomfortable reading your story that I can only imagine how you felt when it was actually happening. I think we should have a bakesale to raise funds to get you a new beret.

  4. My god, Tina. If this story doesn’t warrant you a handknit beret, I don’t know what will. What color you want?

  5. you’re too sweet sung ji and i don’t deserve a beret, but i will take one. i’d like a bright color like a cheerful cerulean blue or like a magenta/fushia, or a purple. what do you think? i’ll make you a cr*ppy bag in return. it’s not going to be cr*ppy b/c i feel that way about you, but b/c the only thing i can make is cr*ppy bag.

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