In my ongoing effort to become a calmer person, I keep reading about meditation, but never quite commit to doing it. Before Turkey week, I actually went to a lecture on it by a famous meditation teacher at Tibet House and she kind of talked about a lot of random things, like how the Dalai Lama bowled at her center’s bowling alley, then how you think meditation is supposed to be a big deal but it’s just there, a part of regular life, and then she let us try meditating there, during which I fell asleep but woke up b/c someone cut one. I’m told that happens a lot when you relax, but I think I’m the only one who giggled. Yes, I am four.

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  1. My dad was so relaxed on Thanksgiving that he let one rip right at the dinner table, a fact to which Sachsy can attest. And I believe he was relaxed enough to let a little food dribble onto his sweater vest while he was talking, as well….

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