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  1. I got totally hooked on crappy a british x-files called Torchwood. It revolves around a secret alien fighting police unit headed by a gay immortal American. Who wouldn’t love that? By the way, it was usually on right before Dr. Who.

  2. …yes, i’ve seen torchwood. michael lin loves that show and he’s the one who got me into doctor who, for a scary episode, for which i made him stay in my apartment till it was over b/c i couldn’t take it. i didn’t realize jack was gay, thought he was bi for some reason — so not normal american tv. yay!

  3. i don’t know, but that sounds freaky. did you see the one with Sally Sparrow? The girl who goes into this abandoned, shut down house to take pictures and keeps seeing these angel statues coming closer and closer? I kept pacing so I wouldn’t watch the whole thing and I didn’t let Mike lin leave. I love bbc america now.

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