This past summer, I was lucky enough to go visit Seattle while my friend Joslyn had her west coast for her baby shower. (Baby has since arrived safely!) But before I forget, here are the fun things I did:

* Got coffee at the first Starbuck’s in the country.
* Visited the Fish market
* Went to the Gasworks Park
* Visited some island via ferry, ate again.
* Saw her dad’s ultra cool house boat in a co-op boat house community.
But most importantly…
* Flew back on business class for the first time in my life. shamed myself by getting hammered on the free wine and ate every bit of the ice cream sundae dessert. Ice cream sundae on a plane? We ate a lot of good meals, but I will probably remember the ice cream on the plane.

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  1. The one time I flew first class, I got plastered, passed out, ate a highly edible meal, passed out some more, and then had an argument with Q-Tip, who was sitting directly in front of me, about the Knicks that lasted all the way to baggage check. Flying in style is hella sweet.

  2. Wow, M.C. Abe, that’s a cool story. I think between that and the elevator story involving Andre 3000, I think you’re cosmically linked to the hip hop class.

  3. what is the elevator story!!!! is q-tip tall? i can’t believe you had that. flying first class was seriously like one of my favorite memories. people, i had an ICE CREAM SUNDAE. where on earth do they store that?

  4. Yes, Q-Tip is tall! Not basketball player tall, but pretty tall.

    Andre 3000 story – I was in California with my spouse and my dad. My dad & I are waiting for the elevator. The door opens (it’s going down, we’re going up) and inside is Andre 3000. He says “Hi. I like your tie.” I say “Thank you. I like your … eyepatch.” He says “Thank you. Bye.” Door closes.

    Ah, brushes with greatness. Sadly, Spouse was waiting in the car and my dad had no idea who Andre was.

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