the mentalist

So this one-hour detective series pairs like the straight-by-the-book female police investigator with the “mentalist,” this dude who is not exactly psychic, but very good at reading people and manipulating them into confessing through unconventional methods like hypnosis and just guessing the identity of the true culprit through an obscure series of mental clues. I’ve seen a few and like the show, but in EVERY episode, he’s always the one to solve the crime that befuddles the cops. Really? EVERY time? For EVERY case, the off-beat, unconventional guy solves the crime before the normal investigators? What if lady cop figured it out by just traditional interview or like finger prints, just like once.

I don’t know why it bugs me, b/c I eat it up through “Medium,” where EVERY crime is solved by the psychic Patricia Arquette, who proves the conventional cops are incorrect in their assessment EVERY time as well. Maybe it’s the hair that’s throwing me. The guy on “The Mentalist” has very perfect, cherubic curls….which I find a tad creepy.

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