Are the Olympics like the SATs?

I only ask b/c it’s just one moment of your life, not an assessment of your effort overall. With the Olympics, you train for your life for a minute-long race — is it really a true measure of your talent? How can you perform in one random moment and have it dictate everything else? That kind of pressure would make me hurl.

Speaking of hurling, I watched the Olympics last night and watched two Gold favorites — Lolo Jones and Sanya Richards — choke right before the finish line. I freaked out and had to walk away from the TV. After their HUGE losses, both ladies showed a lot of class and good sportsmanship, remaining extremely positive in interviews in the face of whooping disappointment. Me? Pretty sure I’d be in the fetal position in the track, bawling my eyes out, escorted out of the field via stretcher. They are TOUGH.

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