my sad inner teenage life

I was not expecting much when I picked up this up, and by “this” I mean “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer. (Mom was one of the people who first mentioned it to me, saying “oh yeah, she’s a 29-year-old Mormon housewife who never wrote before and her books are NY Times bestseller.” And I was like “Oh really? She can suck it.”)

But something happened to me during my quest to be a published Young Adult writer — I have regressed and have become completely HOOKED on YA books. It’s sad really. It’s like whatever they ladle out, I smack my lips and eat it up. “Twilight” is an unabashed high school romance where the girl gets a crush and can’t wait for Monday so she can see him again — but this time the crush is a HOT VAMPIRE!!! I read this stuff to the point where I neglect the Husband, the Job, the Housework. Eeek!

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  1. It reads like she’s a 29 year old Mormon housewife who never wrote before. Trust me. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely absorbing, but seriously, in terms of artistic and literary merit….um….it’s a total Mary Sue.

    Of course, once I read Twilight, I read the rest of them in the span of 3 days. I am sick.

  2. classic Mary Sue. Would totally read it in three days if I coudl get the library copies. As it is, i reread some flirt scenes in the first one….which is really just sad.

  3. Sachsy has not only read all four books, she has been re-reading them for weeks, to the point of ignoring her cute and highly entertaining husband for hours at a time. Thank goodness I’ve got the ProcrastiNation Palace to turn to!

  4. um, i just got the three books remaining from Sachsy on Friday and am on the third one on Sunday, so we feel for you

  5. oh my god jesse, if you could direct a play based on teh books with harnesses and really really hot actors playing the vampires, i would be up in new haven in a heartbeat. am going to come up anyway, but would be very excited to see my teen fantasies reenacted

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