Midas’ Son

On the days when I fervently wish I could come back in the next life as a dog (b/c they look so happy and don’t seem to over-obsess), I try to remember the good things that have happened so far in Tina Lee Life Version 1. For example, I am lucky enough to get my first film script produced.

My friends who started their own production company liked the short and made it happen. It’s about the myth of Midas, but in contemporary times, and instead of pure gold lust, the swim coach in the script craves winning/Olympic gold, which has alienated his super-swimmer son. They got a great group of actors, film talent, and food (mmm, bagels) together for a production that exceeded my wildest expectations –seriously. It’s not done yet, they’re doing edits, but still, dude, how many people can say they got a scripts produced?

And the neat part of the whole process is when things you think up by yourself in your room actually come to life, real concrete life in the real world. There’s one part I’m thinking of — I have the son ride his old Huffy bike to meet his estranged father because it’s the only available set of wheels in the house, and that’s lifted from a memory — when my cousin Ed used to tool around on his own Huffy back the 1980s in grammar school. And whoever worked on props for the film ACTUALLY found a literal Huffy to shoot the scene. Is that not weird? Is that not amazing?

It almost makes me give my dream of coming back as a dog. Almost. Because if I came back as a dog, I might get on “America’s Greatest Dog” on CBS, making my dreams for superstardom come true.

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  1. it really was. it spoiled me. i think that’s why i can’t really deal with these bum-numbing things they strap on two-wheelers

  2. SOO amazing! And happy belated bday lovely. I missed you. The inlaws were not nearly so scintillating as hanging with you wd’ve been.


  3. thank you! k, happy bday to you too! i keep meaning to write you and ask if you would to “so you think you can dance” if we were 21. i think you’d win.

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