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I read today how Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are taking a family vacation in Ireland for a month. Does anyone else remember when Matthew Broderick traveled to Ireland with then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey and killed an Irish woman in a car accident? For some reason, he was driving on the wrong side of the road, possibly inebriated, and he never went to jail for the accident. Maybe he was fine and the accident was unintentional and not his fault, but isn’t it weird how he gets to live his life and that other family lost a person? Nothing against Matthew Broderick himself. Maybe he’s a really nice guy and I don’t know the details of the accident, but this something I wonder about.

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  1. I wonder about similar things in regards to Marky Mark. You know, how when he was a young man, he assaulted an older Asian man in a hate crime sort of situation and ended up blinding the man. I think Marky Mark did spend some time in jail, but I think about the supreme unfairness of it all: Marky Mark gets out and leads this very fulfilling creative and financially successful life while this Asian man and his family are forever reminded of this crime.

  2. yes, i remember that!!! I hope he’s having some moments where he experiences pangs of guilt or cries in his super plush, all-white living room on his an all-white-leather couch (that’s just the furniture i stereotype movie stars having). i mean, on the other hand, if it were me, if i hurt someone (and i have, of course, but not to that level), how much i could live it. I think i’d probably self-sabotage

  3. I read awhile back that MB went to Ireland to talk w/ the family… atone, whathaveyou. All very strange and celebrity-like. I can’t remember but I think the family was even interviewed and said something odd about the whole event–as if they were satisfied or flattered or some shit. Crazy man, crazy.

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