comedians gone bad

Remember when Eddie Murphy was on SNL, or when you saw the reruns of him on the E network? He was friggin hilarious. He played Gumby, Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood in a ghetto, and in the movies, for a short spell, he was still edgy in “Beverly Hills Cop” and “48 Hours” (never saw it, but feel free to call on it to support my point.) And now he’s like a toe-licker and the star of cr*p like “Haunted Mansion.” The same thing seems to be happening with Mike Myers — he was great in “Wayne’s World” and the first English shag king movie (title escapes me right now, but you’ll know what i I mean), and now, he’s incredibly unfunny and divorced. Is it that these dudes get loaded and take on more and more commecial fare without any heart or bite?

Please Steve Carell. Don’t do that to me. I really think you’re funny and you can act. I love “40-Year-Old Virgin,” which all my friends know and my junior high school teacher still doesn’t understand. “Get Smart” seems suspiciously high-profile, commercial to be, but not as offensive as “Evan Almightly.” Just stick “the Office.” Maybe those guys will keep you real and humble.

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  1. I’ve gotta say, based on the commercials alone, that “Get Smart” looks pretty funny. And he was pretty cool on the Daily Show when he was on a week or two ago. So I wouldn’t worry about ol’ Steve just yet. But I totally dig what you’re saying.

    I’m hoping the Mike Myers film was just a rare misfire and not the beginning of a descent into the abyss a la Eddie Murphy.

  2. i love him, i think he’s not contaminated yet, or maybe b/c he got blowout success later in life, he’ll be okay. i hope the myers is a rare misstep too. i like the funny people to remain funny.

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