Dude, some guy just said this to me outside my office and I let it pass without comment, but I don’t always love ignoring this stuff. My friend Calvin always says something when he hears racist comments, something simple like “Excuse me? Did you say something?” And that calm confrontation is usually enough to fluster the commenter. Thoughts? I need something other than ignoring, b/c then I obsess and then I don’t really get over. I understand you don’t change the other dude, but there’s got to be something more satisfying than what I’m currently doing. What do you do with unwanted street comments?

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  1. I remember you had a good retort one time we were in the Village last year and some guy called out some Asian gibberish. I think you yelled out something like, “I’m not Chinese!” I thought you were totally rad!

  2. really? that’s okay? okay, i forgot that one till you reminded me so i will try that next time. it’s not mean, but i still get to say something

  3. When strangers come up to me and say stuff like “Hey, whitey, want some Wonder Bread?” or “Why don’t you go listen to Lawrence Welk, you damn white-ass cracker” I usually just let it slide. And besides, I like Lawrence Welk.

    But I think in your case a snappy retort might work.

  4. what if “ahoy matey” was a stereotypical thing to say to white guys. that would be awesome.

    i just want a tiny retort that won’t lead to a whole hullaboo b/c i dont’ want to interact extensively, i just don’t want to analyze my nonresponse for hours after.

  5. ha ha, i love it! it’s usually black and latino dudes who say something too. you got one for them?

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