my theater activities

so i decided to start auditioning again, just to get out of the house and dissipate my focus on my day job (ha ha), and went to a meeting for a new theater company last night. And I swear to god, when i walked in, i thought everyone was fourteen. I mean, in truth, they were probably more like 19 and 20, but DUDE, I DID NOT BELONG THERE.

It was like walking into a room full of this:

when really, I ought to be walking into a room full of this:

All I could do was FLEE. That’s right, I’m all class, I FLED.

The other highlights have been auditioning for a Fringe show that features bestiality (oh dear) and flute music whenever the Asian character is on stage, but did get one callback for a legit flick. The adventure continues.

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