washington, dc

Yesterday, I flew a kite for the first time. Greg and Sung-Ji and Harry (their dog who does not think he is a dog) picked me up from Union Station and offered it as our day time diversion, and off we went to Washington Mall. They handed me an easy kite to work with–one they called the black sperm, which I could not bring myself to say, even in its most dire moments of need. (I yelled “go black thingie” when it needed encouragement.) But I really did get it to fly! Finding the wind reminded me of fishing, but in the sky, and once it was up there, it reminded me of walking a dog, which is why I maybe decided to take Harry for a walk, except I let Harry walk me.

I just followed whereever his sense of smell took him and let him be the boss of the leash, which is how we ended up at the three-foot fence. I couldn’t talk him out of jumping, b/c I was still in co-captain mode, plus like I really don’t mingle with dogs much so I wasn’t sure what to tell him. That’s when he jumped like a little superhero and totally like yelped and began to limp. How bad did I feel! Did I mention dog is 14? I felt like a bad Dog Auntie and let Harry dog down, so I ran back to the blanket and told Sung Ji, and switched back to kites. Yikes. Greg apparently is so into kite-flying that they buy one every time they vacation, the consequence of which is Sung Ji sat with like ten kites and was asked by two Indian families if she was selling them. Nice.

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