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Aw, yeah, I saw Madeline Albright yesterday on the Acela back to NYC. She is tiny in person — tiny head, no hair, spreading out on her chair like a proper homeless woman, newspapers and coffee cups everywhere. I love her! My husband said she doesn’t really count as a celeb, “well, maybe a dc celeb.” Whatever, man, I’ll take what I can get. She’s someone on earth who has no idea who I am, but I know lots about her! I can go up to her and say, “Madeline, you are so right about Condi Rice. What happened there?” Plus, I stayed at the hotel where Reagan got shot. Gee, why isn’t that promoted in their brochures?

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  1. She was like wearing a suit, a pants suit. Maybe purple or something? And she was accompanied by a young woman who looked like a staffer or something, and a cop. What else? She also had the old person-tiny head syndrome. You know what I mean? like she was impish in person, up to my shoulder only, and like thining hair a tiny head.

  2. I most certainly am a celebrity. Thank you, Tina Lee, for noticing me and blogging about my trichotillomania (actually, it’s rather a sensitive topic for me – please desist immediately).

    And you’re absolutely right about that Condi. What gives, indeed.

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment Ms. Albright on my lowly blog with a readership of seven. I am very honored. I don’t want to insult you, but what is trichotillomania and aren’t you grateful I spelled it correctly?

  4. My dear Tina. Of course I am happy to comply with your request for the definition of trichotillomania – it is a nervous disorder where I feel compelled to tear out my hair. As I said, it’s a sensitive topic; and while I am quite impressed with your spelling acumen, I remind you of my earlier request to stop goddamn blogging about it. Nuff said. Your friend, Maddy.

  5. wow, I’ve never heard of that, that’s wild. To be honest, your hair looked more like normal old people hair loss and I myself in my tender 30s am losing loads of hair, but I will stop talking about your hair. Your friend, Tina

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