sex, politicians and major, major hubris

images3.jpg By now, you’ve all heard the news — Spitzer caught with a prostitute. Yikes! Busted! I don’t know about you, but I was still shocked. I mean, sure it does seem normal for politicians to have some big, dirty secret that comes back to haunt them these days, but Spitzer? He made his career on how he relentlessly pursued corruption in others with evangelical zeal, a proselytizer of a hard-edged, squeaky clean morals.

Part of me thought he could bounce back — if he were caught with a child or a man, there was no chance, but a hooker? That seems like a 1950s since these days. And hey, as a public, we’re kinda forgiving for personal sex foibles, we have short memories, no? (Even my mom thought Spitzer’s affair was “no big deal.”) I mean, didn’t Eddie Murphy make “Haunted Mansion,” a family-friendly pic after his transsexual transgression?

Now I know Spitzer is not an entertainer — he’s paid by the public, etc., etc. Now I don’t have an issue with government folks who cheat on their spouses per se and have not really thought about prostitutions as an issue. Booty calls alone do not mean to me that they can’t do their jobs, however, I do think if you’re a government figure and you know you have enemies gunning for your head, you are being self-destructive when you give them any excuse to bring you down, i.e., Bill’s affair with Monica seemed really DUMB when everyone knew Ken Star was voraciously on his trail. That choice makes me question your judgment.

Monogamy, following laws — that’s hard for everybody, but we still do it! Is there something about folks who go into politics where they’re 90% ego and think they can be above what they preach?

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