natalie portman

images2.jpg As you know, when I am frustrated with work, I have a few options at my disposal: a) I pretend I’m a camp counselor at a Special Olympics camp b) I pretend I’m a Buddhist monk and the people around me are a zen challenge 3) I read to make myself feel better about the world.

If you go to Elle magazine this month, or, they post an interview with Natalie Portman. The interviewer was like “so ‘Boleyn Girl’ is about a tale about female ambition being punished” and Natalie was like “oh really? I thought it was a cautionary tale about capitalism and capitalist values.”

This girl is definitely more intelligent than the average Hollywood star. No wonder Julia Roberts and Jude Law were like “she’s so smart! Sometimes, when she talks, I don’t have any idea what she’s saying!” (Because why, they’re dumb as posts?)

Anyway, her acting does seem to be getting better (though whenever she cries, it makes me want to hurl, because it looks like fifth grade acting and it singularly ruined “Garden State” for me — and for the people in the theater around me, because I started yelling at the screen) and I just appreciate that she is bright, educated, and liberal (plus she sticks up for Hillary in her interview, which is very persuasive for me to become a fan). Kudos, young Natalie Portman.