the effects of sleep deprivation

images8.jpg Wow, so you know what’s not so good for insomnia? Watching a scary zombie movie right before you go to bed. Ahhhh!!! We popped in “28 Days Later” directed by the awesome Danny Boyle at like 10:30 last night, me figuring this will count as writing homework (I’m trying to write a zombie movie), and the flick was pretty darn good, but I forgot about how jittery scary movies make me. Like I got so scared, I had to leave the room a few times to just survive the film (and we live in a studio, you feel me?) When I was lying in bed, waiting for unconsciousness, I imagined zombies bursting through the front door, how much green tea I had been pounding all day to be functional, and I was WIDE AWAKE, people.

You know what’s even scarier? When you do massive f-ups, at work. Dude, I’m planning a goodbye party tonight for senior peep and just thirty minutes go, thought I had neglected to invite like ten key peeps — and I think my body dropped 30 degrees in temperature over the span of a minute. All the organs in my body are like “Retreat! Retreat! Unsafe zone!” as I go into nuclear reactor meltdown mode. Luckily, my brain operates without me at times and turns out, I was on top of the whole thing and invited people when I was…asleep — but don’t you hate that? Or do you not go through that b/c Darth Vader doesn’t work in your place of work and you’re like mentally healthy and never want to throw up?

This is why people shouldn’t entrust me with tasks. Do not allow me to babysit for you when I’m saying stuff like “my brain is like two eggs and a side of ham,” which I just sang to my husband this morning. Eeee gads. Right now, I’m reveling in the moment of not being in trouble. Ahhhhh!!!

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