concert dress

pc-5.JPG Do you ever go to work and look down at your office and go, ACK, I’m dressed in “concert dress” today AGAIN. How did this happen?

If you did band or orchestra in junior high school, you know what I mean — the white button-down shirt and black pants. It’s a goofy look (and I’m not talking about people who were super-chic versions that are well-tailored). The key to concert dress is that the top and the bottom don’t really fit you well and doesn’t look natural. You have to recapture that adolescent feeling of looking uncomfortable and trapped in a press shirt and pants, trying to look adult. THAT’s concert dress to me. And although I am finally an adult with a powerful credit card who can dress as she pleases within a certain limit, I still find myself back in concert dress. I think those years must have molded my unconcious that this is how you dress when you want to look FORMAL. Just thank your lucky stars that I don’t flip my hair on the sides of my face any more.

If you were in band in the same space-time continuum as me (80s, Jersey, enough said), this is what you would’ve enjoyed:
* a rousing medley of songs from “Annie” in rehearsal
* young boys wearing long scarves featuring a piano keyboard
* pimping sodas at $0.75 a can for mysterious purposes
* discovering your teacher may have embezzled the soda fund
* the thrill of performing
* finding love in the oboe section
* the awesome site of your same teacher, in concert, desperately shouting and semafor-ing the 4/4 time to the solo trumpeter who was whizzing by the rest of us.


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