Minor trials and tribulations

darth-vader.jpg I don’t know how you are about confrontation, but I absolutely hate it. I would much prefer the world get lessons on how to act and communicate clearly, rather than take their BS out on others, especially me. So when the office bully started to attack me, I had to, at the urging of a friend, stand up for myself. Nothing fancy. No yelling, just as calm and specific communication possible.

I literally feel like I faced Darth Vader, and while I didn’t kill him, I think I nicked his arm pretty darn good.

And now, I feel utterly drained.

3 Replies to “Minor trials and tribulations”

  1. WTF! Does the Office Bully not know with whom he deals? Pity.

    A swift roundhouse kick to the head – just strong enough to knock out the front teeth but not so strong that you would bruise your instep – that ought to do it. Metaphorically speaking of course. Or just let karma take care of it for you.

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