e012810a.jpg Anyone who’s talked to me knows I’m obsessed with Lost — it has so many things I love: a premise that forces people who normally would have nothing to do with each other to work it out; it’s diverse; it has Koreans (albeit they come from a land with a lot of pagodas); it has a hobbit; it seemed a perfect inspiration after our age of reality TV shows like “Survivor” and after 9/11. But after tearing up through season one over and over again, I quickly got bored. (You know, b/c of a period of lack of character development, glacial speed, random plot twists, when are they going to quit trying to get off the island and just open a bar.)

So I tuned in last night not expecting that much, but at some point, first, my friend Joslyn screamed, then I screamed, and my husband knocked my wine into the air. So I’d say it was pretty engaging.

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