And Hillary and Obama debate — yay for you Hillary. She took the positive high road and said how great Obama and how the Dems rock, which gave her an air of confidence and leadership that wasn’t there before. Plus, sorry, she just came across smarter than Obama. Whatevs. I’m at the point where I’m like ANYONE BUT BUSH PLEASE! And I don’t dislike Obama, but he’s just kind of a mirage in terms of his policies and governing experience, and I can’t help but think, dude, couldn’t you have waited? Seriously, what’s eight more years when you’re forty and you’ll that much more mad skillful? It’s kind of like when Karate Kid decided to go for the competition before his training is fully over. Other examples that come to mind — Michelle Kwan breaking out to the Olympics behind her coach’s back. I just dunno. I just don’t think it’s time.

And Hillary, congrats. But no more crying, and I really think you have to ditch Bill. He’s holding you back, dude. Check out http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/31/us/politics/31donor.html?scp=1&sq=bill+clinton+and+kazakhstan&st=nyt. I mean, seriously, he keeps lying. That’s just not a good thing to be affiliated with. He doesn’t creep me out the way Giuliani does, but still.

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  1. I am thinking of not voting during the primary because I am super super undecided. And this makes me very anxious. As much as I think Hillary is capable, she just reminds me of that girl in high school that works really hard and is smart, but no one really likes her (e.g. Tracy Flick in “Election” and office blonde threat). Yeah, she may work her butt off, but right now, it seems we might need someone who can really unify the country and serve to inspire us. And as someone pointed out, if Hillary is elected, our country will have been led by 12 years of the Bush Dynasty (George Sr. and George W.) and 12 years of the Clinton Dynasty (Bill and Hillary). That’s a really really scary way of looking at it.

    Incidentally, I was surprised to find out that my mother is a strong Hillary supporter.

  2. Go to votehelp.org. You pick where you stand on the issues and it matches you up against all the people running. Very interesting. I was a 96 percent match with Dennis Kucinich!

  3. im totally going to take that test. it’s another extension of facebook quizzes, which im’ totally addicted.

    nk, i sympathize that you’re undecided. i’m not saying hillary is perfect. i think she is like tracy flick and i don’t think the current system is really set up where you can AVOID CORRUPTION. i mean seriously, no one’s hands are clean. it’s just when i listen to obama, i’m not impressed. i don’t feel like he doesn’t have a firm stance on a bunch of items — which makes sense b/c he’s new. and if he gets in, maybe it’ll fine. he’ll have all these elderstatemen advising him, but i feel like he’s going to cry once he gets there.

  4. A spot-on article in New York mag basically said that Obama’s your candidate if you’re an optimist and believe that Republicans and Democrats can work together if only the right mood is struck in the Oval Office. Hillary’s your gal if you think that Republicans are evil, Washington is fiercely, shamefully partisan and will remain ever thus.

    I’m in the latter camp, and not only because I believe the Republicans will stop at nothing to get McCain elected. This country’s in an awful mess, and we need a policy wonk like Hillary to help get us out of it, not vague platitudes of hope and “Yes We Can.” Romanticism only goes so far. Hillary got slammed by saying that MLK’s dreams wouldn’t have become a reality without LBJ to implement them, but she was absolutely right.

    Hillary in ’08, Obama in ’16! Or better yet, Clinton-Obama in ’08!

  5. Last night I had this dream that further caused me some pre-primary anxiety. In the dream, I was walking from campus back to my Ithaca apartment, and a man looking a lot like Obama was sorta a crossguard–directing me towards my apartment. It was a comforting and safe feeling to have him there. And all of a sudden, a car pulls up, a man jumps out of the car, and shoots the Obama-lookalike right in the head before running off. I knew he was executed because he was black. And that scared the shit out of me. I may have dreamt this because Gillian was saying last night about the union guys not voting for Obama because he was black. Obama may represent hope and optisim, but I forget outside of the NYC bubble, this country is still racist as all hell (hey, salesgenie.com ad, I’m looking at you).

  6. MCAbe–that’s funny, b/c im told clinton is like the best consesus builder of dems and reps, especially since she’s a moderate liberal. i understand why people love obama and i think he is special, but when i listen to his actual outline of policies, i just think…uh oh. analysts say the two are virtually alike except for the driver’s license for immigrants and universal health care insurance. hillary is against the first, and for the second; obama is totally the opposite. i kinda think we should try to naturalize immigrants before we give them licenses and i like universal hc coverage in theory–though dunno how they will pay for it. if you look at paul krugman’s op ed piece today, he talks about how hillary’s plan does not cost much more than obama’s plan of trying to make hc insurance affordable, but that obama’s plan will cost a boatload more money in the end.

    i sincerely hope obama does not get assassinated (and btw, i just had to look up how to spell “assassinated” and noticed it has ass-ass in it), and i think obama’s appeal goes WELL beyond the nyc bubble. he was voted as senator of ILLINOIS for goodness sake. he won the dem primary for south carolina, he might get cali, he only missed new hamp b/c hillary cried. and LEt’S FACE IT the union/racists people probably hate hillary b/c she’s a WOMAN but we have to nurture the folks who go beyond that and they’re out there, as evidenced by the fact that there is a record turnout for voters!

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