IT disease

images2.jpg It’s stupid of me to post anything negative about IT people, since so far, this web site is like the only one I can actually get to without seeing the words in gigantic blue letters ACCESS BLOCKED!!!! But let me make a small point while I can. Having worked with a variety of IT people over the years, there is something called IT disease — where the IT person is convinced they are utterly the smartest people in the room and are so rigid/inflexible, new ideas shut their systems down. For example, we once had a discussion about possibly purchasing a Mac for a staff designer. Macs are designed for designers. As a co-worker says, any designer worth their salt prefers Macs. Upon hearing our request, the head of the meeting began to melt and started screaming “the only reason why designers use MACs is because they are too lazy to learn how to use a PC!” which signaled to us that the conversation was no longer productive.

Let me just say that this is not maybe the most productive approach to working with others. Oh, and ALL designers must be lazy because they all use Macs. That makes a lot of sense. Just saying.

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