lou reed

images2.jpg I think one of the toughest things of working the 9-to-5 for years is that your days start to feel identical with no remarkable events to mark the passage of time, and then all of sudden, you relate to songs in a different way. Like I was listening to this Lou Reed song where the line was “one day, you wake up and see your father’s face in the mirror” and I was like OH MY GOD!!! I KNOW WHAT HE MEANS! I’m so depressed! I have to quit my job!

I mean, I didn’t quit my job, b/c I like having money and being able to pay for the mortgage, and I really can’t handle the overwhelming anxiety of being unemployed, but it doesn’t mean I don’t fantasize about it every day! Anyway, that’s all I want to say. Damn you, Lou Reed, for making me feel.

That, and my web site pics have all gone to pot. I will call Ed and see what is wrong.

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